New Hampshire couple arrested after loaded gun found in toddler's baby carriage

A New Hampshire couple is facing charges after a loaded gun was found hidden near a one-year-old in a baby carriage, police say.

Jonathan Bijoel, 28, was arrested and charged with robbery; theft of a firearm and felon in possession of a firearm due to a felony conviction from 2001 in Arizona.  He was also held for violation of bail conditions from June, reported. 

Cassandra Gagnon, 23, was also arrested and charged with falsifying physical evidence and violation of bail conditions also dating back to June. 

According to, police noticed a man walking down the street who appeared to be distraught. The officer approached him and saw that he had sustained an injury to his mouth and learned he had been assaulted during an attempted robbery.

Bijoel, who was walking his one-year-old daughter in a baby carriage with his girlfriend, Gagnon, reported.

"As the officers approached, Gagnon took control of the carriage and attempted to walk away but the trio was ultimately detained without incident," Manchester police Lt. Maureen Tessier said in a statement. "Further investigation lead to the recovery of a loaded 9mm handgun from the storage area of the carriage located under the child's seat. The gun was later determined to have been stolen."

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