Nationality in Question After Baby Born Over International Waters on Flight From Philippines to US

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Officials were trying Tuesday to ascertain the nationality of a baby born mid-flight, apparently while over international waters, in a passenger jet heading from the Philippines to the U.S.

Pregnant Philippines woman Aida Alamillo, 41, was on Philippine Airlines Flight 104 from Manila on Monday when she began to feel nauseous and realized she was in labor, earlier than expected.

A short time later, about four hours out of San Francisco and at 30,000 feet, she gave birth to a healthy, six-pound boy.

Flight attendants had taken her to a private spot in the business class cabin and summoned for help from passengers -- resulting in three nurses volunteering to help, NBC Bay Area reported. The rest of the travelers burst into applause on hearing the baby had been born.

"I didn't expect I would have a baby there ... it just happened," she said, according to NBC Bay Area, explaining that she had been given permission by her doctor to fly despite being due on Sept. 28.

Alamillo was on her way to Massachusetts at the time, with a visa for travel to the U.S.

Her sister Leoni Bauermeister, who lives in Beverly, Mass., told Alamillo was immigrating to the state with her three other children -- and hoped to have her fourth child there so it would automatically become a U.S. citizen.

According to Jennifer Vaughn, from the Center for Immigration Studies, if a child is born over open ocean it is generally considered a citizen of the country where the parent has legal citizenship in. If a baby is born in American airspace it is a U.S. citizen.

Alamillo and her son were Tuesday at a hospital in San Francisco but could be leaving by Thursday to head to Massachusetts. NBC Bay Area said she named the child Kevin Raymar Francis Domingo -- with "Francis" a salute to his surprise arrival on the way to San Francisco.

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