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Philippines Police Kill Hostage-Taker

Report: 6 hostages killed on charter bus in Manila

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    Israel shuts off Gaza roadways, but smugglers find underground route

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    Boot camp for kids run by Marines in So. Korea; quake shakes northern Japan

  3. China Demands Answers in Botched Hostage Standoff

    Philippine police acknowledge that tactical shortcomings played role in tourists' deaths

  4. The 'Pacman' Cometh!

    Our own Griff Jenkins goes toe-to-toe with boxing champion/ Filipino congressman Manny Pacquiao

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    Pillaging and plundering with pirates

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    Are commonly used textbooks costing your child a fair education?

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    Largest aircraft sales event in the U.K. and a tough koala in Australia

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    Deadly typhoon pounds the Philippines ; stunning archaeological find in Egypt

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    Old military plane crashes in the Philippines ; farmer protests heat up in Greece

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    Deadly helicopter crash into Mediterranean Sea; More than 40 killed in Philippines over election

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    Illegal Festival in The Philippines

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    Qantas passenger describes terrifying 20,000-foot plunge

  1. Around the World: Deadly Day in Philippines

    Bomb rips through bus near Manila , killing 4 people

  2. Tragic End to Philippines Hostage Situation

    At least seven hostages die after man hijacks tour bus

  3. Shots Fired on Philippines Tour Bus

    Tourists held hostage by fmr. cop

  4. Around the World: Major Downpours Trigger Floods in China

    Rescue workers work around the clock to save residents from rushing waters

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    Deaths of journalists protested in the Philippines ; thousands of monkeys feast in Thailand

  6. Around the World: Protests in Philippines

    Demonstrators want to scrap plans to revive abandoned nuclear power plant after Japan disaster

  7. Stimulus Speed Bump?

    Calls in Senate for big changes to stimulus bill

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