A white plane spotted over the Denver metro area Wednesday morning left many wondering where it came from and where it was going.

The Denver Channel reported that the flight named IRON99 was flying from California and it was heading over the Pacific Ocean until it veered back toward the west and eventually over Denver.


As the flight approached the city, it began circling and flight tracking showed the plane making an oval over the city. It made a few loops and then took off for Oklahoma without any notion of it stopping.

Officials at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora told the station that it never checked in with radar towers and didn’t land at the base despite circling over it a few times. Denver International Airport officials also told the station that the flight.

According to the station, northeastern U.S. military bases give out the title of IRON to military flights and it usually reserved for T-38 aircraft, which the station says are usually black. The particular IRON99 flight only communicated with the U.S. Army and there was no public communications record available.

U.S. Northern Command and U.S. Strategic Command neither confirmed or denied the flight existed or the location of where the flight was seen, the Denver Channel reported. The North American Aerospace Defense Command said there were only two “high-profile” flights in the air at the time.

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