Mysterious 'men in black' seen on Iowa roads

Maybe it’s just Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones out hunting aliens.

That might be the least spooky explanation when it comes to the mysterious “men in black” several people claim they've seen in an Iowa town. So many people have reported it that a local sheriff's office has publicly urged other witnesses to step forward.

The shadowy black trench coat-clad figure – or possibly figures – is typically seen standing on the roadside late at night or in the early morning hours, sometimes stepping onto the street when a vehicle passes.

R.J. Strong of Port Louisa posted on Facebook that he saw “some weirdo walking down the paved road in a black trench coat” at 2 a.m. on June 13, KWQC reported. Beatrice Wilson Strong posted on Facebook that her son had also experienced a sighting.

“It was really a frightening experience to him,” she wrote.

Even the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office is taking the reports seriously.

“We have had several reports of ‘men dressed in black’ entering the roadway in rural Muscatine County,” the MCSO posted on Facebook. “We don't have any new information about these people, but we have also seen several posts on Facebook about the same type of activity. It would be extremely helpful to the Sheriff's Office, if you witness this type of activity, that you call 911 immediately.”