Dallas police were looking Saturday for a man they say killed his ex-girlfriend and then dumped her body under a bridge.

Fox 4 Dallas reports that Marisol Espinosa, a hairstylist and mother of three, disappeared a year ago. Her body was found in southeast Dallas in March.

Her former boyfriend Faustino Valdez, 35, is now wanted for her murder.

Police obtained a warrant for Valdez’s arrest on Thursday, a year to the day the 34-year-old Espinosa disappeared, the station reported.

Espinosa’s family suspects Valdez may have fled to Mexico. His family says he disappeared Jan. 4.

Police said Valdez was the last person to see Espinosa.

He told Fox 4 on New Year’s Day -- three days after the disappearance — that he didn’t know what happened to her.

The day of the interview her abandoned SUV was found by a cousin, with her purse inside.

“She left the house fine,” Valdez told the station. “She got ready like she always does. She took a shower, got ready, put her clothes on and put her makeup on. She kissed me goodbye and told me she was leaving.”

Valdez also told the station that a lot of things were going through his mind. “I just don’t know what to think right now,” he said.

Valdez told cops Espinosa left for work. Friends said she never showed up there.

In March, two people searching a wooded area for stray dogs found her partially clothed body.

Espinosa and Valdez had two children together during an off-and-on relationship that last six years, the Dallas Morning News reported. Espinosa was also the mother of a third child. Her mother was given custody of the kids.

After a fire damaged her house, she started living with Valdez again. Her family believes Valdez started the fire, the paper reported.

Espinosa moved in with Valdez with her children, her mother and her uncle.