Mother of 6 forced to wear ‘I Made a Fool Out of Myself’ sign after school bus battery

A central Georgia judge gave the woman a choice: Wear a sign proclaiming that she was a fool or spend four weekends in jail.

The woman, 38-year-old Natasha Latrice Freeman, chose the sign. It says "I made a fool out of myself on a Bibb County Public Schools bus."

The Macon woman pleaded guilty to battery and making terroristic threats during a Monday hearing in Bibb County Superior Court.

Prosecutor Sandra Matson said she went onto a school bus April 4 and repeatedly struck her 11-year-old cousin and pulled the girl's hair. The paper reported that the fight started after the girl told her to kiss her 'butt,' Matson said.

"She told me it twice," Freeman said, according to the paper. "The first time, I ignored it. She said it the second time, I went on the bus after her. And I know I was wrong. ... It was just my first reaction. I wasn’t thinking."

Freeman apologized during Monday's court hearing.

The Telegraph reports that Judge Howard Simms sentenced her to wear the sandwich-board-style sign at the bus stop from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. for one week starting Dec. 10.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report