More than 200 animal cruelty charges filed against New Jersey pet shop owner

A New Jersey pet store owner accused of hiding three dead dogs in a freezer and failing to keep infections under control was charged with 267 counts of animal cruelty on Monday.

Vincent "Vinnie" LoSacco, the owner of Just Pups in East Brunswick, is due in court next week, according to the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

"I cannot stress enough, this is an ongoing investigation and it is highly likely that more animal cruelty charges will be filed," the society's president Steve Shatkin told

Investigators say the shop lacked proper infection control procedures, exposed sick animals to new, healthy animals and displayed other signs of poor veterinary care. They said people who visited the store were at risk of contracting infections as well.

LoSacco told the website his animals receive "proactive" care, adding, "All of our dogs get more than enough food, water and veterinarian care. Just like humans, they can get sick."

The store reports it was closed for "interior improvements." WNBC reports a judge had granted a temporary restraining order to shut it down.

Other veterinarians had determined the dogs were unfit for sale after they were purchased, according to investigators who said they found three dead dogs in a freezer during a search.

East Brunswick is roughly 2 hours southwest of New York City. LoSacco reportedly owns three other Just Pups stores across New Jersey.