Monstrous mako shark hops on boat, gets itself stuck

A huge mako shark got himself into a sticky situation earlier this month after the razor-toothed fish hopped onto a boat off the coast of Long Island, N.Y., and got caught in the boat's guard rail.

The massive shark was filmed by Don Law from Outlaw Fishing Charters and his team after the fish got caught on July 6, according to the International Business Times.

The video of the shark showed it wailing and wiggling to get itself free. The shark thrashed and chewed the pole while trying to release itself, eventually starting to bleed from its mouth.

“Oh my God! He jumped onto the boat,” a person is heard yelling in the video. Other voices in the background were heard discussing how to help the shark, while others admired the fish’s size.


Later in the video, the fishermen used a fishing line to grab the head of the shark while another person used a rope and tied its tail. The shark is lowered into the water before it swam off.

The fishermen estimated the shark weighed somewhere between 132-298 pounds and was 10-feet long.