A California mom is seeking damages and the firing of a school supervisor after her daughter was shown R-rated movies during a senior class trip to Disneyland.

Enochs High School principal Mike Coats said that an employee chaperone showed raunchy films on one of the buses during the May trip, which included “Hangover II,” “The Sitter” and “Jackass,” the Modesto Bee reports.

Aurelia Crater was the only parent to complain about the films, arguing that her 17-year-old daughter was not allowed to see them and was ridiculed on the bus after they were shown.

Crater told the Modesto Bee that her daughter protested the movies and was so distraught afterwards that she skipped the school’s graduation.

Modesto City School policy states that R-rated movies are not allowed to be screened at school events unless they are approved for educational purposes.

The principal apologized to Crater and said chaperones will be asked to play closer attention to guidelines next year.

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