Mom charged with manslaughter after son, 1, dies from severe burns

A mother in Florida was charged with manslaughter Thursday for allegedly failing to take her 1-year-old son to the hospital after he was severely burned in a bath – injuries for which he eventually died, the Miami Herald reported.

As a neighbor performed CPR on the child, the mother reportedly pleaded “Please save my baby, I don’t want to go back to jail.”

Christina Hurt, 35, has reportedly been investigated by the Department of Children and Families for child neglect in the past.

She allegedly told police she didn't call for help because she didn’t want to lose custody of her children, having already had a history of child neglect, the report said.

Hurt allegedly told police that she put the boy in a high-chair Wednesday night before taking out the trash. When she came back inside, she said her 10-year-old daughter was screaming.

She said her daughter tried to give the boy a bath but her other son, 4, made the water “extremely hot,” which caused the victim to “sustain severe burns from his mid torso to the toes,” the police report said, according to the paper.

The baby vomited several times throughout the night and was given Tylenol and juice, the report said.

Police responded to a call before noon the next day of a 1-year-old boy in respiratory arrest south of Miami. Upon arrival, police and a rescue crew found the baby “unresponsive” on a mattress.

A police report detailed “severe burns from his mid torso, to the toes.”