Missouri AG says can't reopen teen sexual assault investigation, despite mother's pleas

The Missouri attorney general's office says it has no power to reopen an investigation into allegations that two teenage girls were sexually assaulted by some boys at a party in 2012.

The case is drawing renewed attention after The Kansas City Star on Sunday published the results (http://bit.ly/16dkTc1 ) of a seven-month investigation into the case in Maryville.

Melinda Coleman says justice was denied when Nodaway County authorities dropped charges in 2012 against the boys who her 14-year-old daughter claimed had sexually assaulted her and a 13-year-old friend.

County officials say the case against the boys fell apart because the Colemans would not cooperate. Coleman denies that.

A spokeswoman for Attorney General Chris Koster said Tuesday that Koster's office lacks the authority to review a local prosecutor's decisions in particular cases.