Miss. trucker who burned girlfriend's corpse in 2009 charged with raping ex-wife last week

A truck driver who served time for burning his girlfriend's corpse in 2009 has been charged with raping his ex-wife.

Glenn Grannan is chief investigator for the Hancock County Sheriff's Office. He says Mark Andrew Rice went to his ex-wife's house Saturday, beat her severely and sexually assaulted her.

Grannan says Rice was charged Monday with rape, kidnapping, and aggravated domestic violence. He is being held on a $750,000 bond.

Authorities had suspected Rice in the killing of girlfriend Natasha Carpenter in 2009 in California. California officials declined to press charges, saying there was insufficient evidence.

Rice put the body in the back of his truck, drove to his hometown of Kiln, Miss., and set the truck ablaze. He was sentenced to prison and released in March.