Minnesota hunter, 14, shot in eye while pheasant hunting

A 14-year-old Minnesota boy was shot though the eye during a pheasant-hunting trip and required life-saving surgery to correct blood flow to his brain, KARE11.com reported.

Three weeks ago, Kaelan Macdonald, the teen, was hunting in St. Paul when he and a friend broke off from a group, the report said. A friend opened fire at a pheasant and two of the pellets struck the teen.  He was hit in the cheek and the eye socket.

His condition deteriorated. One of the pellets punctured his carotid artery, stopping blood flow to his brain, the report said. At one point, he could not use the right side of his body.

He was rushed to United Hospital where Eric Nussbaum, a neurosurgeon, determined that the should perform a brain bypass.  The teen still sees double vision , but Nussbaum said that condition could correct itself in time.

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