Minnesota couple charged in death of 21-month-old son who drowned in tub while they went shopping

A Minnesota couple have been charged with second-degree manslaughter for neglect of a child after their 21-month-old son drowned in a bathtub while they were out shopping for two hours, authorities said Tuesday.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office said in a statement that surveillance footage captured Sabina Pierre Louis, 25, and Eddy Pierre Louis, 54, at a Bloomington grocery store and a Walmart, leaving their three kids home alone.

Sabina Pierre Louis, left, and Eddy Pierre Louis. (Hennepin County Jail)

Prosecutors said the parents told police that the children were asleep when they left for the stores. The couple assumed the children would remain asleep until they returned.

When the parents did return home, they found their 9-year-old daughter was still asleep, but their 4-year-old was in the bathroom. The victim, 21-month-old Asher Pierre Louis, was found floating in the tub; Eddy Pierre Louis told police water came out of the child's mouth when he attempted CPR.


Asher Pierre Louis was pronounced dead at Fairview Southdale Hospital.

The parents were expected in court Wednesday.

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