Miami University in Ohio says 2 students linked to offensive graffiti; face discipline

Two Miami University students face school disciplinary action as well as police charges for offensive graffiti at the southwest Ohio school, officials said.

School president David Hodge sent a university-wide message Monday saying Miami University police were called after the weekend defacing of a residential hall bulletin board. He called the graffiti "profane, racist, sexist, anti-Semitic and homophobic."

No other information about the students or charges was released. A police incident report wasn't immediately available.

University spokeswoman Claire Wagner said Tuesday a discipline hearing will likely be held within a few days.

Hodge's message also said two apparently unrelated cases of other offensive graffiti at two Miami fraternities are under investigation. He didn't go into detail on those cases, and Wagner said fraternity leaders plan to talk with police about them.

The president expressed deep disappointment that any students would behave in "such a reprehensible way," with obvious intent to offend and hurt.

"Unfortunately, it seems Miami is not immune from the behaviors that have challenged college campuses across the country during the past few weeks," Hodge wrote.

"As a community, we must stand together to confront behavior that violates the values and beliefs we hold, and work to create a culture built upon the respect and trust called for in our code of Love and Honor," Hodge wrote.

In fall of 2012, a Miami student pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct for an offensive flier about rape that was posted in a coed dorm bathroom that October. The school refused to identify the student or say how he was disciplined, but last year said he hadn't been enrolled at the school since October 2012.


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