Nine U.S.-bound Cuban migrants whose disabled boat drifted to the Yucatan Peninsula were detained by Mexican soldiers and federal police, immigration officials said Wednesday.

The National Immigration Institute said in a statement that the eight men and one woman were found on the streets of Tizimin, a town in Yucatan state.

The Cubans told authorities they were headed to the United States when their boat broke down. They drifted for 14 days, until the vessel reached Yucatan's shore, immigration officials said.

The Cubans were treated for first and second degree burns and dehydration, the statement said.

The Cubans told authorities five other migrants separated from the group once they reached land.

Mexico signed a pact with Cuba in 2008 promising to deport illegal Cuban migrants. Before, Mexican generally only briefly detained Cuban migrants and gave them a 10- to 30-day exit order, giving them time to make their way to the United States.