Mental patient says he's suspicious of his lawyer, seeks another in NYC therapist slaying case

A schizophrenic charged with killing a New York City therapist with a meat cleaver says he doesn't trust his court-appointed lawyer and wants a new one.

David Tarloff told a judge Tuesday that he's "suspicious" of his attorney and puzzled that his case hasn't gone to trial nearly 2 1/2 years after Kathryn Faughey's (FAW'-hee) death.

Tarloff was ruled mentally unfit for trial for about a year. He was found competent last fall.

Attorney Bryan Konoski says he's unsure what triggered Tarloff's request and wants to keep representing him. The judge's decision is expected next month.

Authorities say Tarloff slashed Faughey at least 15 times on Feb. 12, 2008. Tarloff told police he'd intended only to rob her office mate and thought Faughey was attacking him.