Massachusetts store owner thwarts robber with chili powder

A Stoneham store owner said he wasn't intimidated when a robber pointed a gun in his face and demanded the money from the cash register.

Saadat Khan calmly went behind the counter as if he was going to open the register, grabbed a cup of chili pepper powder he sprinkles on food, tossed it in the thief's face, punched him, and sent him packing empty-handed.

The 49-year-old Khan chased the would-be robber, but he got away.

Police think the Sunday night attempted robbery is related to several other heists in Stoneham and surrounding towns.

Khan, who's been robbed several times in the 20 years he's owned C-Store, says he just puts his faith in God.

He says he's not a hero, just a "normal guy" trying to run a business.