Marine who served 7 years in Iraqi man's 2006 killing goes to trial for 3rd time

A third retrial is set to begin for a Marine convicted in a high-profile court martial for the 2006 killing of an Iraqi civilian.

The Los Angeles Times reports ( ) that Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III is scheduled to be tried again Monday at Camp Pendleton, north of San Diego. Hutchins was convicted in 2007 by a Marine jury of unpremeditated murder for killing a 52-year-old former Iraqi police officer in Hamdania village.

The killing was meant to warn Iraqis to stop planting roadside bombs and cooperating with insurgent snipers.

Six other Marines and a Navy corpsman were also convicted in the Pendleton 8 case. Hutchins, the squad leader, has served over half his 11-year sentence.

Appeals courts twice overturned his conviction, partly because interrogators violated his rights in 2006.