Man wearing KKK costume to Mississippi bar costume party thrown out, banned

A man dressed in Ku Klux Klan regalia walks into a bar in not the beginning of a bad joke in this case.

An unidentified person was thrown out and banned from a Picayune establishment after he tried to enter a Halloween costume party contest in a KKK hood and robe while carrying the state flag, which bears the symbol of the Confederacy.

The unidentified man walked into Mutt & BC’s Bar & Grill on Saturday, and a photo of the man has since gone viral after being posted on Facebook.

“This was worn for a costume contest at a bar in Picayune, Ms. And they say racism is dead. DISGUSTING,” wrote Chance Delaney, who shared the photo.

He told the Clarion-Ledger he did not take the photo and that someone had sent it to him before he posted it on Facebook.

Bryan Carroll, the bar’s co-owner, told the Clarion-Ledger he quickly told the man – who was white – to remove the hood, take the gown off and leave. He said the man has been barred from the bar.

“We do not tolerate or condone racism at any level of our business, customers or staff,” he told the newspaper. “Everyone is welcome and we do have all walks of life and all races that patronize our place.”

Carroll said there were several black customers at the bar when the man walked in with his “garbage” costume. He said the man was not a regular customer and Carroll said he did not know him.