Man accused of killing Indiana pastor's pregnant wife charged in second murder

The man accused of killing an Indiana pastor's pregnant wife during a roberry last month has been accused of another murder, which prosecutors say was part of a crime spree that spanned eight days.

Larry Taylor, 18, was charged with murder and robbery Monday in connection with the Nov. 4 shooting death of Rolando Gonzalez-Hernandez, 26. Investigators say Gonzalez-Hernandez was found shot in the head next to his car in an Indianapolis apartment complex parking lot.

The Indianapolis Star reported that court documents alleged that Taylor told a police informant that he had shot Gonzalez-Hernandez after taking $10 from the man's wallet. An affidavit also claimed that Taylor showed an informant video of a news report about the killing.

Six days later, prosecutors say, Taylor murdered Amanda Blackburn, 28, after he and 21-year-old Jalen Watson burglarized the unlocked home she shared with her husband Davey. Investigators said the crime took place while the Blackburns' 15-month-old son was lying in his crib upstairs.

Taylor and Watson were already facing murder charges in connection with Blackburn's murder.

Taylor is also accused of raping a woman at gunpoint while he and Watson committed another burglarly at a different Indianapolis apartment complex Nov. 3.

"If we prove the allegations, this individual committed three very, very serious crimes in eight days, and we’ll seek to hold him accountable," Marion County prosecutor Terry Curry told reporters.

Authorities said that none of Taylor's alleged victims appeared to be targeted, but were rather in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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