Man accused of faking ATV crash to cover up wife's killing is convicted of first-degree murder

A Pennsylvania man accused of killing his wife and faking an ATV crash to try to cover it up has been convicted of first-degree murder.

York County Judge Richard Renn sentenced 42-year-old Joseph Fitzpatrick to life in prison without parole moments after the jury's verdict was read Tuesday.

Authorities say he drowned his 43-year-old wife, Annemarie, in a Chanceford Township creek in 2012 but told police they crashed their ATV in the water.

Prosecutors say he wanted out of his marriage, was emotionally involved with another woman and had a $1.7 million life insurance policy on his wife.

Defense attorneys argued there was no evidence Annemarie died by force or murder.

Fitzpatrick testified that he and his wife had "become disconnected" but never fought.