A former New York foster father acquitted this week of charges that he sexually abused six boys returned home after 16 months in jail to find his boarded-up house looted of nearly everything he owned.

His attorney says Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu (gahn-ZAH'-leyz moo-gah-BOO'-roo) is now thinking of selling his story to make ends meet.

After his acquittal Tuesday, Gonzales-Mugaburu returned to his home in Ridge, on eastern Long Island.

Attorney Donald Mates says "literally everything" was removed.

Items included personal property, furniture, cash, cars, copper piping, appliances and clothes.

He says Gonzales-Mugaburu had been offered a contract to develop a documentary on his story and was willing to do an interview — if he was paid.

The jury foreman said there were too many holes in the prosecution's case to convict.