Lawyer bills New York City $520,000 in hunt to find $5,000 believed stolen from campaign

A New York City lawyer, for years, has billed the city $300 an hour in the case to find $5,000 believed stolen by two workers from a City Council campaign about eight years ago.

Roger Bennet Adler, the lawyer, has announced that in the “interest of justice,” he intends to dismiss all charges against the two unnamed men who worked on the Debi Rose campaign nearly eight years ago, The New York Times reported.

“I have a sense of professional disappointment,” Adler, who was appointed in 2012 by the Office of Court Administration, reportedly said. “I was not able to conclude my assignment as originally planned.”

The article pointed out that it likely cost “200 times the value of the nonexistent theft for Mr. Adler to reach the conclusion that there is not crime to prosecute.”

He reportedly billed the city over $520,000, “below the prevailing rate,” he said. The report said he did not file his last invoice.