Lawsuit: Defunct West Virginia funeral home mixed up bodies

A now-shuttered West Virginia funeral home is being sued after a family says it mixed up their relative's body with another woman's.

Madeline Yost's daughter Peggy Bowles tells WCHS-TV ( ) that her mother's dying wish was to have a closed casket funeral. Instead, the family says Bartlett Burdett-Cox Funeral Home displayed Yost's open casket to another woman's family at a viewing, before burying her in that woman's grave the same day back in January.

Bowles' attorney Russell Williams says in addition to damages, they want to make sure this doesn't happen to another family.

The funeral home closed shortly after the lawsuit says the mix-up happened. The funeral home's parent company didn't respond to WCHS for comment.

Yost's remains were exhumed and she was buried next to her husband.


Information from: WCHS-TV,