Latest on Texas pool brawl: Witness: Officer belligerent, profane, but police acted correctly

12:05 a.m. (CDT)

A black man who says he saw an apparently white police officer restraining a black, bikini-clad teenage girl at a suburban Dallas community pool party says it wasn't a racial incident.

Benét Embry, who watched the disturbance unfold in McKinney on Friday night, told The Associated Press on Monday that the officer was belligerent and profane, but that police were right to try "to defuse the situation."

He characterized it as "a teenage party that got out of hand."

Embry says about 130 kids, most of them black, turned up for the party. He says some of the partygoers jumped a fence to access the pool, causing a disturbance and sparking fights. He says only seven or eight of them were troublemakers.