Las Vegas footage shows chaos among officers, public as shooting unfolds

Newly-released bodycam videos from the Las Vegas shooting show scenes of chaos as the massacre starts to unfold, with police officers running for cover amid the screams of terrified concertgoers.

“Where is that coming from?” an officer asks in one of the 28 clips released Wednesday by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. They also show first responders helping organize escape routes and bringing wounded victims to safety during the October 2017 attack.

“I’ve been hit. I’m down, I got shot!” one man is heard yelling in another clip, over the sounds of Stephen Paddock spraying bullets from his Mandalay Bay hotel suite.

The clips, totaling around 10 hours of footage, were part of the sixth batch of records to be released by the department following a court order in a lawsuit brought forward by numerous media organizations. The department on Wednesday also released 511 additional audio clips from 911 calls — a similar number to those made public last week, according to The Associated Press.

Other clips show a tourniquet being applied to a wounded concertgoer and confusion among police and the public as to what was happening as the attack unfolded.

“As long as you cannot see the Mandalay Bay you guys are good -- he’s up in the Mandalay Bay,” an officer tells a couple fleeing the scene of the shooting.

“There’s only one guy?” the man then asks.

“I don’t know. We don’t know,” the officer responds. The same officer then lets out a stressful sigh after later being told by a woman that a wounded victim is nearby.

Another video, lasting about 30 minutes and not identified with a time stamp, according to the Associated Press, shows officers in a hallway outside the Mandalay Bay hotel suite where authorities say gunman Paddock killed himself before police reached him. The back of an officer's hand was sweating as he uncaps a bottle of water.

In one of the 911 calls that was released, an unidentified man whispers to an emergency dispatcher that he's hiding in a broom closet at the Planet Hollywood resort, several blocks away from the shooting.

"We want to know if it's safe," he says in the call time-stamped two hours and 30 minutes after the gunfire began.

Paddock ended up killing 58 people in the October 1 attack – and his motive is still unknown.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, said he expects a final investigative report will be released next month, while the FBI plans to release a report by the anniversary of the shooting.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.