Laid-up Los Angeles fireman arrested after being caught MMA fighting

A laid-up Los Angeles fireman was arrested on suspicion of insurance fraud Tuesday after he was caught moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter under the name "The Noodle."

Prosecutors allege Raphael Davis, 35, filed for workers' compensation between Dec. 2, 2008, to May 20, 2011, even as he fought in MMA bouts.

He was hit with four felony counts of insurance fraud, LA Weekly reported, citing the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office.

An office spokeswoman declined to detail what ailments Davis claimed to have that would prevent him from being able to work.

He was being held on $30,000 bail and is facing a five-year jail term if convicted.

According to one MMA website, the 6ft 3in, 203-pound  Davis has a 12-2 record, and went 6-1 through the claim period.