L.A. Judge Mulls Licensing Decision for Octomom Fertility Doctor

LOS ANGELES -- An administrative judge is considering whether the fertility doctor for "Octomom" Nadya Suleman should keep his medical license.

Lawyers wrapped up closing arguments Thursday in the state medical board hearing for Dr. Michael Kamrava.

Earlier in the day, Kamrava testified that Suleman had agreed to be implanted with 12 embryos as part of a study on fertility methods, disputing a prosecutor's assertion that Suleman was an unwitting participant.

Lawyers for Kamrava say his decision to treat Suleman as part of a study is not enough to revoke his license.

The state's attorney says his license must be revoked to ensure he will never provide fertility treatments in California again.

Kamrava is accused of gross negligence for implanting Suleman with 12 embryos and failing to properly treat two other patients.

The judge has 60 days to submit his recommendation to the state medical board for a final decision.