Key West considering a ban on car "lodging"

Key West is getting tough on one type of car-crashing.

Mayor Craig Cates has proposed a city ordinance making it illegal to sleep or “lodge” in a motor vehicle according to the Miami Herald.

The ordinance states that people living in vehicles "constitutes a hazard to the health and safety of the residents [and] visitors to the city" and has "a significant negative impact that creates an adverse effect on tourism and the environment."

Earlier this month, city commissioners tentatively approved the ban, according to the Herald.

Kurt Wagner, who lives in a 1999 Dodge Van tells the paper that the proposed law makes no sense.

"Thousands of times a day, you’ve got dogs peeing on the streets and some people don’t even pick up the [waste] the dogs drop. Have you ever been to a chicken farm? It’s the smelliest, nastiest place imaginable in this world and Key West promotes their chickens all over this island," he said.

"And they’re worried about me sleeping in my van, not bothering anybody?"

Others have said that the law is unconstitutional, referring to state and federal legal cases.

The ban could go into effect after a second public hearing an approval.

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