When a would-be kidnapper attacked 10-year-old Georgia boy Sebastian Solache, the child put his karate knowledge to the test.

An intruder approached the Solache home in Hall County late Tuesday afternoon, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. Solache was in the driveway when a man grabbed him from behind and attempted to drag him toward the back of a neighboring house.

The young boy decided to use his understanding of karate to protect himself from the stranger.

“He drags me and I elbow him in the ribs,” Solache told Fox 5. “From there he slammed me on the floor and ran.”

That’s when Solache ran into his home, where his mom discovered him frightened.

"I was fixing them something to eat when I heard him slam the door and lock it. He was just crying, having a panic attack. He told me, 'somebody tried to take me, mommy,’” Flor Solache said, before noting she saw the man running away when she looked out the window.

“I just felt proud of myself that I was able to escape,” Sebastian said.


Hall County Sheriff’s Deputy Stephen Wilbanks told Fox 5 that Sebastian did everything right during the encounter — screamed and fought back.

"Criminals and predators such as this are looking for easy prey. Our advice is, don't be that victim, fight with everything you have," Wilbanks said.

Investigators described the unknown man as white, with dark pants and a white shirt, with a black cloth covering his face.

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