Jurors who deadlocked in Jodi Arias case say they were 11-1 for death penalty; she'll get life

Jurors who deadlocked on punishment for convicted murderer Jodi Arias say they were split 11-1 in favor of the death penalty and that they tried unsuccessfully to get the lone holdout kicked off the panel.

The jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict in Arias' sentencing retrial, meaning she avoids a death sentence and instead faces life in prison for killing lover Travis Alexander in 2008.

Fourteen jurors, including at least one alternate and one woman removed from the panel earlier, talked to reporters Thursday after the verdict. None of them would reveal their names.

Many of the jurors said Arias lacked remorse and some said she tried to manipulate them.

Jurors also said they believed the holdout was biased. The woman didn't speak to the media.