Investigators say they have arrested an Iowa City man in connection with the 1985 slaying of a 22-year-old laborer who was dating his estranged wife.

Police said that Anthony Burtch was long a person of interest in the death of Lance DeWoody, who was found dead on the floor of a picnic shelter at the University of Iowa Oakdale campus in Coralville. DeWoody was in a relationship with Burtch's wife at the time.

But they said they felt confident arresting and charging the 57-year-old Burtch with first-degree murder after interviewing him in January. Police obtained a warrant for a sample of his DNA to compare against DNA found at the crime scene.

Johnson County Attorney Janet Lyness declined to say whether those samples matched. But she says Burtch said in the interview that he would "get buried on the sciences of this thing."