Investigators eye Massachusetts mom in racist graffiti probe; high school defends decision to cut season short

A Massachusetts high school football team saw its season cut short after a racist message was found written on the home of one of its players, but investigators are now focusing on the teen's mother, reported.

The message, in blue graffiti, read: "Knights don't need n-----s."

It was initially believed that a fellow player wrote the message on the home. The teen's mother is white and father African-American.

The central Massachusetts town felt the immediate aftermath of those words and according to a piece in The Sentinel and Enterprise, "became known, over the past few weeks, as a burg burgeoning with closeted racists."

Since the initial investigation, the Lunenburg High football team was vindicated and now police have referred to the player's mother, Andrea Brazier, who discovered the graffiti, as a person of interest in the Nov. 15 incident, reported.

Brazier's son quit the team after the incident and court papers released Thursday said that she "made false statements misleading investigators" and "is in possession of any and all instruments pertaining to the crime of defacing property," The Boston Herald reported.

Investigators reportedly found two spray paint cans at the home.

Brazier did not talk to reporters on Thursday as word spread that the Worcester County District Attorney was reviewing the case for possible charges.

District officials, meanwhile, have defended the decision to cut the team's football season in the aftermath of the incident.

"I never looked at the cancellations as punishment, although it was certainly viewed that way by many. In the end, the safety of students and attendees at the games was deemed as of paramount importance. At no time did I or any employee of the schools indict or implicate players," Lunenburg Superintendent of Schools Loxi Jo Calmes told