Inside Scott Peterson's life on California's death row

Fox News Channel San Francisco bureau correspondent Claudia Cowan and producer Mike Lundin recently submitted a list of questions to San Quentin prison on inmate Scott Peterson.

Peterson, who remains on death row for the murder of his wife Laci and unborn child, was a much celebrated suspect and defendant.  Initially, after being found guilty,  Peterson had pictures of his wife on the walls of his cell and was known in the tabloids as "Scotty Too Hotty" for all the letters he was getting in prison from women around the country. Prison spokesman Samuel Robinson supplied the answers to the questions about the latest on the life of Peterson on death row.

What is his daily routine?

He is allowed 5 hours of out of cell activities, which primarily consist of outside recreational activities (basketball, jogging, walking, and board games). Outside of the outdoor recreational activities, he is confined to his cell where he also consumes his meals.

Who visits him? Are there regular visitors that come on a weekly/monthly basis?

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This is privileged information that I cannot disclose.

Is there any interaction (via phone or email) with the Rocha family?

This is privileged information that I cannot disclose. However, I can inform you that inmates do not have access to email.

What's in his cell? Is there anything out of the ordinary in it? Are there photos or mementos? Is there any chance for video or pictures from inside his cell?

There is nothing out of the ordinary in his cell. All inmates housed in California institutions are allowed 6 cubic feet of personal property. This can include legal documents, photos, letters, and items that they are allowed to purchase at the canteen (hygiene and allowable food items)

What is his current prison job and what jobs has he held while in prison?

He has never had a job assignment since his arrival here at San Quentin.

How often, if ever, is he in isolation?

He is single celled, as are all inmates housed on condemned status in the State of California. He has not been disciplined for any egregious behavior during his incarceration at San Quentin.

What is his general demeanor? Does he get along with staff and other prisoners?

He gets along well with other inmates and staff.

Is he subjected to attacks or altercations with other prisoners? How is he treated by other death row inmates?

He has not been involved in any altercations with other inmates and again, he gets along well with other inmates.

Is there a certain group or other prisoners he interacts with on a daily basis?

He is allowed outdoor recreation time with approximately 34 other individuals who are assigned to Condemned Row. They usually participate in the activities listed above.

How often does he meet with his attorney?

This is privileged information that I cannot disclose.

There were previous reports that he kept a picture of his slain wife Laci on a wall in his cell. Is that correct and is it still there?

This is privileged information that I cannot disclose.

A few years back he was lots of letters from women, earning the nickname “Scotty Too Hotty." Is that still the case?

Not as much as he initially received.

Does he take any classes in prison?