A motorist suffered minor injuries last week when a large wild turkey crashed into the windshield of an SUV on an Indiana highway.

It was the fourth time a turkey had flown into the windshield of a moving vehicle on an Indiana road in recent weeks, according to local media reports. The fowl encounters have frayed nerves, but resulted in no serious injuries.

The SUV was going about 55 mph when it was struck by the turkey in Danville Friday.

The turkey was killed on impact, and it ended up dead in the rear hatch of the vehicle, Fox 59 Indianapolis reports. The driver was injured after being hit by flying glass and debris.

The station reported that it is currently turkey mating season in Indiana. Turkeys are more active, especially during the daytime. They roost in trees at night.

Danville police released photos of the damaged SUV.

“We'd like to give you some tips on how to avoid something like this, but we've got nothing,” Danville police said on Facebook.