If history is an indication, Pope Francis' welcome at seminary will be both rowdy and reverent

The last time a pope visited the St. Charles Borromeo Seminary just outside Philadelphia, he got a rousing, even rowdy, rock star welcome.

Expect more of the same when Pope Francis arrives in four weeks.

Cheering seminarians greeted St. John Paul II in 1979 with singing, whistling, stomping and clapping. They shouted, "Viva Papa!"

The seminary's current rector, Auxiliary Bishop Timothy Senior, was a 19-year-old seminary student when John Paul arrived.

He says he doesn't plan any edicts on how his students should behave. He says he wouldn't do anything to stifle their enthusiasm.

Seminarians will greet Francis on the steps of the seminary on the morning of Sept. 26. The next day, the pope will give a speech in the seminary's chapel.