Hoarder's stash of $200K in coins stolen by looters upon death

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It took months for anyone to discover that an eccentric man known simply as Radkin had died in an accident on his property on the shores of Lake Champlain in northern Vermont. But it didn't take long for looters to ransack the hoarder's dilapidated house, police say, hauling off antiques, a vehicle, scrap metal and more than $200,000 in gold coins.

Four people, including at least one whom police suspect knew the 66-year-old Radkin, are facing charges of stealing the coins and cashing them in at coin and jewelry stores. Police expect to make more arrests.

The property is covered with cars, trailers and outbuildings and a house full to the brim with stuff. A neighbor said he's been watching looters come and go. He said no one called the police because no was concerned.