Greenpeace activists set to make pleas in Procter & Gamble protest; P&G asked deal be offered

Eight Greenpeace activists who staged a stunning protest at Procter & Gamble Co. headquarters are due back in Cincinnati to accept a plea agreement offered at P&G's request.

Hamilton County authorities say P&G asked prosecutors to reconsider the felony charges the activists were facing in a trial scheduled for January. P&G said last week that it's working with Greenpeace to eliminate deforestation in its palm oil supply chain, the subject of the March 4 protest.

A defense attorney has said seven activists charged with burglary and vandalism charges plan to plead guilty Friday to criminal trespassing. Another activist who earlier pleaded guilty to felony breaking and entering can change his plea to trespassing under the agreement.

All details haven't been made public, and the judge has to accept the agreement.