Great white shark mauls another seal off Cape Cod beach, shocking beachgoers

Beachgoers at a Massachusetts beach on Labor Day were sent scrambling back to the shore after a great white shark attacked a seal about 100 feet off shore.

The shark was seen eating the seal around 12:30 p.m. at Nauset Beach, where a similar attack happened just over two weeks ago.

Lifeguards say some surfers and paddleboarders were nearby, but were able to get to shore safely. Beachgoers were kept out of the water for about an hour after the attack.

“People were just freaking out they were freaking out,” Brandon Latham told Fox 25 Boston. “I just saw like blood.”

On Aug. 20, a shark devoured its prey close to surfers at the same beach. Three days later, a man’s paddleboard was likely bitten by a great white shark in nearby Welfleet at Marconi Beach.