Good Samaritan tackles armed robber during holdup at NJ convenience store

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A Good Samaritan named Daryl was captured via surveillance video fighting an armed man who police say robbed a Wawa store on Cross Keys Road in Winslow Township.

"Pretty much didn't know anything else that was going on around me whatsoever,” Daryl told Fox 29. “It was just stop him, get that gun out of his hand, and make sure everybody is safe."

Darryl does not want his full face shown but let us capture the stitches above his eye and the bandages on his hands after what started as a Wednesday morning stop for coffee and donuts turned into a bold lifesaving mission.

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“The Lord just had me in the situation at the right time and blessed that everything worked out,” Daryl said. “Everybody was able to go home, except for the bad guy. He got what he deserved."

The 52-year-old good guy says he saw the 26-year-old suspect point a gun at two female workers before taking action.

"He put the pistol to the back of her head, and that's when I just reacted. He struck me in the face a couple of times. One strike in my left eye resulting in three stitches and a busted lip. A few cuts and scrapes and bumps and bruises."

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