Georgia police officers found a live newborn baby at the scene of a pre-dawn crash involving a pregnant woman earlier this week, according to a local report.

Krystal Jones was rushing her daughter, Crystan Graham, to the Gwinnett Medical Center on a wet road after she went into labor before dawn Monday, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. Jones lost control of her Chevy Tahoe and hydroplaned off the Lawrenceville Highway.

Lilburn Police Department officers frantically searched around the wreck before finding the baby in the back of an SUV, as seen in bodycam footage.

“We thought the baby might have gone out the window because there was so much debris in the back,” Officer Danny Bride told the outlet. “Our concern was whether the baby got tossed into the backseat or got tossed through the window.”

Bride and Officer Cepeda Huff were both in the area at the time of the crash, where they saw broken windows and debris strewn about. Police Sgt. Matt Madden arrived soon after.

The bodycam video shows them searching the dark, wet ground and turning up nothing. But after they move to the inside of the vehicle, Huff plucks a tiny newborn from beneath one of the seats -- alive.

“There is like a small little drop-off under the seat,” Huff told Fox 5. "And that’s where the baby laid right into a little pocket. And that’s where I found her.”


He picked her up, rushed her to a waiting ambulance, and the officers told the new mom and grandmother.

“We got your baby,” Bride says in the video. “Looks to be fine. She’s breathing and moving just fine.”

“Thank you Jesus,” Jones responds. “She’s alive!”

Baby Cea is recovering in the neonatal intensive care unit at Gwinnett Medical Center, according to the report. She weighed 3 pounds, 9 ounces.