Georgia high school tells transgender student who identifies as male to run for prom queen: report

A transgender student said his high school in Georgia is forcing him to run for prom queen, even though he identifies as a male and was nominated for prom king, reports said on Thursday.

Dex Frier, 17, a senior at Johnson High School in Gainesville, told BuzzFeed News that his school gave him only two options to choose from, either run as prom queen or not at all for the school dance on Saturday.

"They called me there to tell me I couldn't run for prom king ’cause I wasn't legally male and that was the way it was in Hall County [school district]," he told the outlet. "The only way I was eligible to run for prom was to be put on the prom queen ballot."


Frier said the news was "upsetting and he felt "suppressed" by school officials, according to the report.

He said the school principal told him that Will Schofield, the superintendent of the school district, gave the directive.

"I am not interested in being responsible for placing our school district, by acts of commission or omission, in the middle of a national social, societal and legal issue which would have the potential to substantially disrupt us from our core mission of providing an education for the boys and girls in our community," he told BuzzFeed News.

Frier told Atlanta's WSB-TV that he began to identify as male in his sophomore year.

"They don't have a clear rule that says you have to be biologically male to run for prom king (or that) you have to be biologically female to run for prom queen. There is no rule that states that," Frier said.


He told the station that whether he wins or loses, he is going to the dance.

"The announcement came on [and] I was one of six prom king candidates, which is insane. I was one among some of the most popular kids at school," he told BuzzFeed News.