'Fugitive Friday' bingo 'winner' caught by Florida police after Facebook taunts

It was a Valentine’s Day to remember for this Florida "dirtbag."

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office announced that Francisco Valdez, the “winner” of last week’s “Fugitive Friday Bingo segment,” was arrested after taunting officers on Facebook and demanding $10,000 for use of his image in the clever video that police posted online.

“Valdez thought it would be a good idea to make taunting comments on Facebook after he was featured on last Friday’s episode of Fugitive Friday Bingo,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “This, obviously, was not the first bad idea he has had in his life.”

The weekly video opened with dramatic music and a graphic showing that there is vacancy at the “Green Roof Inn,” the nickname for the Flagler County Jail.

“Let’s see what dirtbag we’re gonna go after today” Staly said while standing in front of lottery ball machine, before Valdez’s number 7 is selected.

A graphic showed Valdez was wanted for violating probation on a burglary conviction.

“This is a burglar, and somebody was in the house when he did the burglary which could have turned into a very serious and dangerous crime,” Staly said.

Valdez replied to the video after it was posted, writing “I need 10k for the feature n----.”

“Turn yourself in and we’ll talk,” the sheriff’s office replied.

Valdez also wrote that he found a neon “Green Roof Inn” sign put up outside the jail last week “hilarious.” The sign is next to a list of the northeast Florida jail’s accommodations, which says it has “No privacy, group bathrooms and showers, no meal selection, and free transportation to the courthouse or state prison.”

The sheriff’s office says its Fugitive Unit was able to determine that Valdez was in Citrus County on the other side of the state. Valdez was arrested by local authorities there on Valentine’s Day and was found with a female companion.

“Taunting the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office will only make you a bigger target on our radar,” Staly said. “He will now get a very good look at the new jail signs which he finds ‘hilarious’ when he is booked in to the Green Roof Inn. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Valdez currently is being held without bond. The sheriff’s office says one third of the fugitives featured on the program have been caught.

The Brevard County Sheriff, which also hosts a game show-style program to track down criminals, dubbed “Wheel of Fugitive,” said last year that the department was having success as well.

“We know that they’re watching it, we know their inner circle watches it as well and tells them they better turn themselves in,” Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey told "Fox & Friends."