For nuisance honeybee colony in northeastern Pennsylvania, home is where the hive is

It's moving day for a colony of troublesome honeybees in northeastern Pennsylvania.

The queen and thousands of her loyal subjects had taken over an old tree along a back alley of Duryea (DUR'-ee-ay), a small town outside Scranton. They were such a nuisance that neighbors say they couldn't stand to be outside in the summertime.

Years ago, an annoyed human might've eliminated the problem with a can of insecticide.

But with a mysterious affliction called colony collapse disorder decimating hives, Duryea's streets supervisor got a bee in his bonnet to save the colony.

So Friday, an electric utility, a bee expert and a tree-trimming crew carefully removed the 60-foot tree and loaded the section with the hive in it onto a truck, where it'll be taken to a more suitable location.