Florida school asked teacher to fake students' grades, lawsuit charges

A former teacher at a Florida charter school has filed a lawsuit alleging that the school falsifies records and fabricates students’ grades in classes the students did not attend, the Palm Beach Post reports.

Teacher Angenora Mechato as filed what is the third whistleblower lawsuit against Mavericks in Education Florida LLC, a for-profit management company that runs a group of charter schools.

Mechato’s suit, according to the paper, alleges that officials at the Palm Springs Mavericks school asked her to sign off on grading sheets for classes she did not teach or that the high school did not even offer.

"In order to receive more than its fair share of funding (from the state), the high school fabricates its student enrollment records to reflect greater enrollment than it actually has," the lawsuit says, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Mechato says she was fired from the school when she refused to falsify the records.

Lauren Hollander, a manager of Mavericks In Education Florida, told the paper her company was served with the lawsuit only a few days ago and that the company's attorney is looking it over.

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