The president of Florida police organization has resigned from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office over a Facebook post that sparked an uproar when he tried recruiting law enforcement officers from other cities charged with assaulting protesters.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said Lt. Bert Gamin resigned after Ivey informed him he intended to fire him following a review of Gamin's personnel file and an investigation into the social media posts.

He told reporters during a Friday news conference that the review brought up an incident that occurred 15 years ago involving racial overtones and other comments to subordinates. He was spoken to about the incident but never suspended, Ivey said.

Robert Gamin, a lieutenant with the Brevard County Sheriff's Office and president of the Brevard County Fraternal Order of Police, is now apologizing for a Facebook post he wrote. (BCSO Facebook)

“As a result of the original comments made by Lt. Gamin on Facebook and the disclosure to me of the various items in his personnel file, yesterday afternoon, I made Lt. Gamin and his representative aware that at the conclusion of the internal investigation, I intended to terminate his employment from our agency,"  Ivey said. "As a result of my intent, Lt. Gamin decided to resign from the agency and, as such, is no longer affiliated with the Brevard County Sheriff’s office."

He said Gamin showed "poor judgment" and brought "further embarrassment" to the sheriff's office and other police departments.

"He recognizes that they were not only untimely but they were very distasteful. And I believe that if he could go back and unwind time, we wouldn't be standing here right now," Ivey said.

Gamin prompted outrage when he tried recruiting officers charged with assaulting protesters during demonstrations against police brutality.

“Hey Buffalo 57 and Atlanta 6... we are hiring in Florida... lower taxes, no spineless leadership or dumb mayors rambling on at press conferences... plus we got your back... law and order in Florida... move to where you are loved,” he wrote over the weekend on the Facebook page of the Florida chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police.

The "Buffalo 57" refers to members of the Buffalo Police Emergency Response team who resigned from the unit Friday afternoon in support of two officers who were suspended without pay after shoving a 75-year-old man to the ground during a recent protest.


The "Atlanta 6" alludes to six Atlanta police officers charged in connection with pulling two college students out their car and shooting them with stuns guns. Four of the officers have been fired, of which two are suing to get back on the force.

Gamin later apologized for the post saying it “was in poor taste and did not reflect the sentiment that I was trying to convey.”