It sits at the edge of the grass near the end of a driveway: a soiled, adult diaper wrapped up and tossed.

People who live in the Lake Mary Hills subdivision in Lake Mary, Fl say it's the work of the "Diaper Bandit."

Neighbors say the diapers appear in bunches. Marie Beckler says she sees new ones dumped in the neighborhood nearly every morning.

"When I walk the dogs I see diapers in the middle of the street. Dirty diapers just kind of rolled up," she says.

The dirty work has been going on anywhere from five months to three years, depending on whom you talk to to.

In that time (whichever time it is) they say hundreds of adult diapers have been dumped on their streets and in their yards.

Invariably, someone cleans the diapers up. But the neighbors are sick of it, and want Lake Mary police to do something to stop it.

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