Florida man climbs down well ‘to say that he did it,’ gets trapped: fire chief

This wasn’t a well thought-out plan.

Firefighters in central Florida had to rescue a man who climbed down a 30-foot deep well, undertaking the adventure allegedly because he wanted “to say he did it.”

Unfortunately for the unidentified man, he did not have the strength to climb back out and had to call for help, Scott Smoak, battalion chief with the Volusia County Fire Department, told WFTV.

He said the man climbed down late Tuesday night and it took a technical rescue team trained to work in confined spaces until about 2 a.m. Wednesday morning to pull him out.

“Luckily he was awake, he was conscious, he was talking to us the whole time,” Smoak added.

The man suffered scrapes and scratches and was checked by paramedics at the scene.

Smoak said it had been quite a while since they had to rescue someone from a well – and urged people who come across wells to avoid repeat scenarios.

“When you come across an open shaft of any kind that goes down into the well, stay away from it,” he said. “A lot of people do crazy things, pranks and all that kind of stuff, so we were asking that if you come across anything abnormal, stay away from it, and don’t participate in any types of activities like that.”